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The Hindsight Notes: Teenaged Bestie

3 Dec

Classic Teenaged Besties Andie and Duckie in the John Hughes Film, "Pretty in Pink"

The Hindsight Notes is a recurring section created for all you readers wanting to participate in THL, but lacking time to write a full letter. Each Note is composed of a question. All you need to do is answer it, in the form of a comment (below).

This week’s topic is: Your Teenaged Bestie.

Ever think about how much more intense your friendships were as a teenager? How seriously we all took the title BFF? How inseparable you were with your teenaged Bestie? There’s something about adolescence that bonds people in a way that doesn’t happen as you age.

So, tell us: Who was your teenaged Bestie? How did you meet? What was it that drew you to them? Are you still in touch? Now’s the time to share it all.

As always, I’ll start us out:



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