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Hindsight Idols: Angela Chase

13 Apr

Every style has an originator. A special someone who wears a look in such a way that everyone else wants to as well. Throughout the decades, teenagers have had their idols, and in many cases, tried their darndest to look just like them. Hindsight Idols is a section about the celebrities, characters and personas that we’ve wanted so badly to emulate.

This week’s Hindsight Idol is Angela Chase, Claire Danes’ character from the television series, “My So-Called Life“.

There was a period in the mid-nineties, during the airing of “My So-Called Life” when every teenaged girl on the planet dyed their hair red (see “Letter 24: Oh, and More Importantly: You’re Gay” for but one testimony). We all collectively got out our jars of Manic Panic (or for me, pitcher of Kool Aid) and crossed our fingers that one day our very own Jordan Catalano might walk into our lives.

And on that note, let’s be honest here: Half the reason we all wanted to be Angela Chase was because Jared Leto was so darned cute and he was totally into her. Really. I’m not even going to pretend.

Angela’s style was the personification of the grunge era. Lots of plaid. Army boots. Baggy layers. Though she was never as daring as her best friend Rayanne, Angela was always ultra chic in an “Oh this old thing? I just threw this together” kind of way. Which in my opinion is the most desirable kind of fashion sense.

Angela was sweet and naive and she wore her heart on her sleeve. She was smart and contemplative and said really wonderful things all the time. In fact, in writing this post I was trying to choose a quote to exemplify Angela Chase’s philosophical abilities, but couldn’t bring myself to choose from all of the amazing things her character said. You will just have to visit the IMDB quotes page to read all about it. The writers of “My So-Called Life” just had such a wonderful way of describing the teenaged experience. Perhaps I need to write a Hindsight Idols post about them as well.

In any event, The Hindsight Letters would like to salute you, Angela Chase. Your red hair and remarkable observations about the world around you inspired us in more places than our wardrobes. Let’s put it this way: If I wrote a song called Red and sang it to you, it would most definitely not be about my car.