Submit A Letter

The Hindsight Letters is always accepting new submissions! We would love to hear your story!

Letters should be addressed to your teenaged self, at a specific age (i.e. Dear me at 15). The Letters tend to be around the 600 word range, and preferably include a brief 2 sentence bio about the Author (including links to any personal websites), as well as a photograph of the Author at the age to which the Letter is addressed.

The best Letters on the site are not necessarily the most grammatically correct or literarily perfect. They’re the ones that are the most sincere, and the ones that reach out to that awkward teenaged self with love and respect. Write from your heart and enjoy the process.

To submit a Letter, simply type it into the contact box below and hit “Submit”! Thank you so much for your contribution!

*By contributing to The Hindsight Letters, you are authorizing The Hindsight Letters to reprint your contribution in the future, in any medium, including web, print, and audio.*

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