*GUEST SUBMISSION* “Dear Adult Me” Letter 60: These Are The Things That Make Us Me

19 Jul

Throughout the summer, I’ll be sharing Letters written by some of THL’s (very talented) teenaged readers. The Letters for this series will be addressed to the writers’ Adult Self, written from the perspective of a current teenager. If you are between the ages of 12 and 19 and would like to submit a Letter, please visit the Submit A Letter page to learn more!

Bay writes:

Dear Adult Me,

I have so many questions for you! Did I end up as a doctor? Am I married? Did I keep any of the friends I have right now? What mistakes can I avoid?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for ‘me-at-18’ to benefit from the experience of ‘me-at-35’. However, if I somehow remember I did this, it’s entirely possible that you could come back and read this letter. So maybe it’s possible for YOU to benefit from some of the things I know!

First of all, please don’t ever let us be estranged from our family. No matter what happens, or how things end up, they love us. We are so blessed in our relatives, and I won’t be very happy if you let pride screw that up!

Second, I have some really great friends right now who I know will care about you too. I know you won’t stay close to all of them or talk to them all the time like I do now. But they truly love you and will always be honest with you, so if you need someone to cry with or someone who’ll shoot straight with you, look them up.

Finally, stay strong. Don’t lose faith in God. Don’t compromise on your convictions. I know you’ll grow and mature from where I am now, (thank goodness!) but do me a favor, try to stay essentially the same person! Love clothes and shoes, read as much as you can, be addicted to music, find the fun in everything! Care about people, feel things deeply, stay loyal to friends, keep that eternal optimism, and never give up your adoration of chocolate. These are the things that make us me.

Well, see you in 17 years!

P.S. If you could avoid getting really extremely fat, I’d appreciate it.

The Author Today

Bay is a cynical romantic who spends her time reading, writing, and dazzling the world with her sparkling wit. You can find her rambling’s at Bay285.blogspot.com, where she continues to write even though no-one is reading. She loves comments!


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