*GUEST SUBMISSION* Letter 52: Jealousy Ain’t Pretty

30 May

Lauren writes:

Dear me at 15:

Jealousy ain’t pretty.  Since you hit the double-digits, you’ve found a way to analyze, dissect, and find ways to be jealous of pretty much everyone who walks down the hall in high school.  This girl’s hair is longer and more manageable than yours.  That girl has two thighs that are separate and don’t make brushing noise when she walks down the hall.  This girl has a boyfriend and sucks face with him in front of the lockers (however, that boy has atrocious acne and is a supreme jackass, so she can keep him).

My dear, it is time for you to learn a valuable lesson:  Don’t be so jealous!  It doesn’t do anything to empower you. Staring at This Girl’s long, shiny hair won’t make yours any more luscious.  You just start to pick on your own hair that much more viciously, becoming that much more frustrated, making you feel that much more doomed to live your life with a frizzy Jennifer Aniston “shag.”

Not only will being jealous cause your self-esteem to plummet; it also wreaks havoc on how you view your friends.  When your good friend (who grew up to create The Hindsight Letters) sang in the talent competition with a voice that brought half the audience to tears, you couldn’t even be happy for her.  Instead, you wished you had a voice that didn’t make mirrors crack (and let me tell you right now, you never will.  End the dream now.)  When you saw how excited everyone was for her, and how no one could stop talking about how wonderful her performance was, you felt the Green-Eyed Monster take over you more and more.  When she was later was walking in the hallway, surrounded by congratulatory fans, you pouted in the corner, fuming.  Now really, is it so hard to tell her how wonderful she was in the show?  Deep down, you ARE happy for her.  And you know that wishing won’t make your voice angelic, your grades better, or your boobs bigger.  Being jealous of those things won’t help you get them.  Not to mention, having most of the things your are so jealous of (see “bigger boobs”) won’t make you happy.  The things worth having in life are the things you have to work for.  When was the last time you took a singing lesson, hmm?

So stop looking on with a critical eye, put down the padded bra (you’re not fooling anybody), and go hug your friend!  High-fives and grins beats pouting and premature wrinkles any day of the week.

And relax, by the time you hit 19, you’ll have filled out and discovered the magic of flat irons.

Lauren still can’t carry a tune, but she did grow out her hair and is thrilled for all of the things her talented and brilliant friends have accomplished.


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3 Responses to “*GUEST SUBMISSION* Letter 52: Jealousy Ain’t Pretty”

  1. Kyra Evans-Schultz May 30, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    Thanks again to veteran HL contributor, Lauren! Another great Letter… and some very much appreciated personal compliments 🙂 You’re the best!

  2. Lauren May 31, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    Hey girl, it’s all true! It’s funny what you remember at different times in your life…

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