*GUEST SUBMISSION* Letter 49: On The Cusp Of Coming True

2 May

Nikole writes:

Dear me at 17:

The Author at 17

People say you are an amazing writer.  They have high hopes for you.  You are impatient.  You want to get published.  More than anything you want the love and acceptance you feel is missing from your life.  Don’t deny it!  Don’t let it become the driving force behind your writing and whatever you do DON’T read your stories to mom.  She is looking for your “daddy issues”. Her screaming about your creative writing story will hamper your writing for years.

This letter in your hands is from a paying magazine.  Rewrite the story per their instructions and resend it.  Marion Zimmer is well read.  They pay well.  Your dream is on the cusp of coming true.  After you rewrite your story ride your bike to the post office and mail it.  Don’t let it sit for two months on your desk buried underneath all that unfinished homework.

Also, you need to get serious about your schooling.  This year you are the new kid in a new state.  Your new friend has a car.  You occasionally ride with your new friend instead of riding the bus.  I know that you want badly to go to prom and you’ll take the necessary steps to persuade this good-looking Italian guy to ask you, but your prom will not live up to your expectations.  In fact, the only good thing that will happen is great conversation with a learned boy over delicious Italian food.  Don’t even think about Senior Night.  After they close the pool, you’ll end up sitting on the lounge chair all night wishing you had stayed home.  Your prom date will walk by with his friend and nod to you, but otherwise, you’ll have no one to talk to all night.  Your friend with the car will have gotten married and moved to Georgia.

Your last year in High School will be better than the first four years.  I know it’s hard struggling with the issues in your head.  You still stand in the mirror railing against your father.  He didn’t abandon you.  You just think he did, but the truth will come out when you find him years from now.  It’ll hurt at first, but God always has a reason.  You’ve got to trust Him.  Your stories will only help so much before reality enters and you are forced to face your “daddy issues”.  Your science teacher says she will help you get your first science fiction book published, but she will succumb to a life threatening illness.  Please make a copy of that assignment before you hand it in, or you’ll never recover it.

And my dear, Nikki, when you get out of high school do not under any circumstances open any credit cards!

Nikole is an author and an outdoor enthusiast who just so happens to love Starbucks.  You can find her on the web at http://www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com


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