It Gets Better Week

8 Nov

It Gets Better.

There’s something so intense about being a teenager. Something that sometimes makes it so hard to look ahead. To see outside of the present moment. To understand that you’re not alone. To realize that things will change. The Hindsight Letters has become a safe place to talk about those teenaged moments when you really wish you’d had some perspective.

We’ve laughed and wept and rolled our eyes with you because—Oh, yeah— we made all those mistakes too. And now here we are, with real lives and real achievements and we’re all stronger for what we came through.

With every cringing reminiscence of a horrible hairdo and each heart-rending account of teenage regret, “it gets better” has been the core message of The Hindsight Letters.

But that idea—that it gets better—has taken on a very particular meaning, lately.

Recently, the US has unfortunately seen a number of stories of teenagers who took their own lives. They were bullied for being gay.

In sadness and anger, writer and media personality Dan Savage (If you’ve ever flipped through an alt-weekly magazine, you probably know his column “Savage Love”) responded to these stories by founding the It Gets Better Project.

It’s an online movement that works to tell Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) youth that there is hope. And it went viral. An absolute flood of online videos from celebrities and regular people alike have been uploaded and watched.

The Hindsight Letters is typically about looking back. This week, we want to show our support for those youth who are struggling with the gravest of matters right now.

This week, all our posts will be dedicated to the theme of It Gets Better. We hope that you will not only hear the message, but that you’ll help us spread it, too. Later in the week we’ll be giving you, the readers, opportunity to share your own It Gets Better message, right here at The Hindsight Letters.

To get an idea of what the It Gets Better Project is all about, we encourage you to go watch some of the videos, like the ones from Barack Obama, Perez Hilton, and It Gets Better founder Dan Savage himself. We also particularly love this all-Canadian version, below.

Everyone makes mistakes. Hindsight makes them meaningful.

Let’s help prove to those youth at risk that they need to stick around long enough to look back and laugh, cry, and cringe with us.

Let’s prove that It Gets Better.


4 Responses to “It Gets Better Week”

  1. magnolia November 8, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    i love this campaign. it’s so important to show, by example, that there’s way more love in the world than there is mindless hate, especially when things look dark.

  2. Eschelle November 9, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    love this movement.

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