*GUEST SUBMISSION* Letter 4: There’s a reason it wasn’t called “Pretty in Beige”

14 Jun

J. Dove writes:

Dear me at 17 (a very, very long time ago):

I just want to tell you that when your Mother tries to talk you out of the stunning, eye-popping, spaghetti strap tomato red chiffon prom dress and talks you into the icky beige v-necked taffeta one that comes with a jacket (!) …..DO NOT give in!!! You will regret it for the rest of your life!!

You will never forgive your Mother for making you wear the beige thing.

You will have a horrible night at prom. The guy you have a mad crush on (who is, of course, not your date but your best friend Carol’s date) who would not have been able to take his eyes off of you in the red dress will not even notice you in the beige rag.

It will take years before you realize that your Mother’s insistence that the red dress made you look too “busty” was because she was a size 32A and you were a lovely, beautiful size 36 C!   Red is your Mother’s favourite color and yours was supposed to have been brown. You will hate brown for many, many years!

If you wear the drab beige dress you will spend more years than you can imagine thinking “If only…..”, and you will never trust your Mother’s judgement on anything again… which will lead to a whole lot of other stuff we can talk about another time.

All my Love,
Me now.

Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, J. Dove is an ex Advertising executive currently living in Toronto, Ontario. To this day, her closet does not contain a stitch of beige.

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